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Skin Care Mar 09
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This pandemic has made us realize the importance of self-care. People have started embracing themselves and have become more body-positive. And that’s good news! We all should accept and love ourselves the way we are. And the first step towards self-love is taking care of our health and skin.

Whenever we talk about a skin-care routine, one of the vital essentials that we need for healthy and glowing skin is face serum. Yes, a face serum can do wonders for your skin and make you feel rejuvenated. Still, wondering why you should apply a face serum? Here are 5 benefits of applying a face serum that you should know:

Say ‘bye’ to Skin Irritation

Have sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reactions? A mild face serum crafted for sensitive skin is the best solution. It helps reduce skin inflammation and irritation.

It's Hydrating

Let us be honest, drinking 8-10 glasses of water is not always possible. But your skin needs proper hydration to stay healthy. A Face Serum penetrates deep through the pores and hydrates your skin inside out making it soft and supple.


Face serum helps you fight wrinkles, dark spots, etc, and repairs the skin. After all, age is just a number and your skin shouldn’t reveal it, right?e best solution. It helps reduce skin inflammation and irritation.

Get Rid Of Tan And Blemishes

A face serum helps with reducing and smoothing out the blemishes on your skin and removes suntan. So, apply it before going out and say ‘hi’ to bright skin!

No More Open Pores

If you are tired of your open pores, try a face serum for deep cleaning and nourishment. It will not only clean dirt and shrink the pores but will also reduce blackheads and whiteheads.

With all these benefits, it is also important that you use the right face serum. Your face serum should contain all the necessary ingredients without side effects. I highly recommend ‘Organ Face Serum’. This product from ThaiCare is very effective on Indian skin. It is beneficial to the skin as it contains the right amount of Hazel extract along with Rosa Centifolia sodium, Hyaluronteargania Spinosa. It has the amazing fragrance of roses. The serum is a clear gel and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. It’s not sticky at all. It reduces dark spots, irritation and rejuvenates the skin. The overall effect of this product is fabulous. It does wonders to your skin.

You can buy the ‘Organ Face Serum’ from your chemist. It is also available online. But the best site to buy it from is https://thaicare.in. the official website of the product. You will get amazing offers on the product price. The original price of the product is Rs 2,199, but with a flat 20% off on the cost price on https://thaicare.in, you can buy the serum for Rs 1,759. Hurry up and get it stocked up. It’s worth giving a shot. Also, check out their other products too.

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