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Skin Care Apr 15
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Why Do we need to clean our face daily?

In view of the increasing pollution and daily running, our whole day goes into fatigue and dust. Soil also accumulates on our face, to unfasten them all and to ease our face, we should do daily cleansing.

How do I choose The right cleanser for our skin type?

Basically cleansers are well suitable for all skin types whether it’s normal, dry , oily, combination(oily and dry) and sensitive skin. Well, selecting the right skin care regime according to your skin type is a big challenge for everyone. There are various segments of cosmetic products available at market price , ranging from few hundreds to few thousands.

However before choosing any cleanser following guidelines should be considered:

  1. Skin type: Based on your skin type dry, oily, combination and sensitive, select your product. Usually the skin type is mentioned on the product and in case. If it’s missing, purchase a smaller pack to check if it matches your skin type.
  2. Comedogenic:  Many cosmetic items available in the mass market segment are comedogenic in nature which means it tends to block the pores of the skin, and leads to the complications of acne or pimples. Hence your product should be non-comodegenic in nature.
  3. Dermatologically safe: In spite of a good brand image, always make sure to check if your products are dermatologically because some products may contain bleaching agents, which may give you a fine cleansing effect over the surface, however it may damage the underlying layers or skin.
  4. Ingredients of Products: Don’t have a blind faith in advertisements and marketing gimmicks. Make sure you read the ingredients carefully to ensure that it doesn’t contain any ingredient which you might be allergic to.

How Vitamins make your face look better

Vitamin D is one the best vitamins for your skin, along with vitamins C,E and K. Make sure you get enough vitamins to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. This could translate to a reduction in: Dark Spots and Dark Circles.

Vitamin C aids in the whitening process by priming the skin cells and making them more susceptible to the effects of Glutathione. Additionally, research suggests that Vitamin C itself may possess some whitening and brightening properties.

face washing: Do's & don'ts


  • Have a Routine
  • Moisturize and SPF
  • Hydrate and keep a good diet


  • Sleep in your makeup
  • Avoid alcohol skin products like the plague
  • Break the bank.


Complications of and other skin diseases can be rehabilitated by following the DO’S and DON’TS very prudently. Having skin problems is customary in the adolescent age. So if you are worried about your face problems, don’t worry! Just take care of your face naturally and increase its glow and growth.

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