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Skin Care Jun 24
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Did you know regeneration is essential for your skin’s recovery from daytime damage, particularly in the summer? Constant exposure to harmful environmental elements such as UV radiation, pollution, dirt, and free radicals causes skin damage and speeds up aging. A regular night care routine will help your skin rejuvenate and restore its natural radiance.

Summertime activities aren’t always as good for your skin as for you. The truth is that the summer sun can be extremely damaging to your skin. Of course, just because summer fun is more harmful to your skin than you may have realized does not mean you should abandon beach days and other seasonal activities entirely. It simply means that you must take better care of your skin this season. As the sun sets and the heat of your busy day fades, consider devoting a little extra time to your nighttime skincare routine. We have included an easy-to-follow night summer skincare routine and a few popular Thaicare products.

Makeup removal

First, use a cleansing lotion or Coconut Oil to remove all traces of makeup and dirt from your face. This allows your skin to breathe and unclogs facial pores, which can cause breakouts. Look for a cleanser containing soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Green Tea, Nutgrass, etc.


Don’t think that removing your makeup counts as a cleansing step. When you wear sunscreen every day, as you should, you should often double cleanse. You cleanse first to remove makeup, then again to remove any remaining sunscreen and impurities. We recommend using a facial cleanser that reduces the appearance of shiny skin during the summer.


Don’t be surprised if your skin becomes dull or patchy as the summer progresses. It’s just another way that the hot weather can harm your skin. You may need to exfoliate more frequently than usual to counteract its effects. If you normally exfoliate your skin once a week, try increasing it to two or three times per week. One of our face scrubs should suffice in terms of what to use.

A soothing face mask

After a day of cramming in as many summer activities as possible, you’ll most likely need some downtime.  Apply the appropriate face mask before settling into your couch. The face mask cleanses stressed areas gently while visibly reducing the appearance of imperfections. Allow the mask to sit for 10-15 minutes while you enjoy peace, then remove with lukewarm water.


After removing the face mask, spray a toning mist all over your face. This will aid in the restoration of your skin’s natural PH balance as well as the appearance of open pores.


Serum application is an important step in your nighttime skincare routine. This will aid in the repair and renewal of the skin. Thaicare carries a wide variety of serums for every skin concern. DORA + VERBENA Lifting Serum, LX LEXIA Complete Night Essence Serum, and Organ Face Serum are included in this collection.

Night cream

Even if you get greasy in the summer, moisturizer is essential. While we’re used to looking like an oil slick during the summer, the hot sun can still dry out your skin. That’s why you should look for a water-based moisturizer that both mattifies and hydrates—it’s the best of both worlds. Night creams help regenerate cells and are more effective at infusing hydration than day creams. A hydrating night cream can help your skin retain moisture and regenerate cells.

Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is more delicate than the rest of our faces, showing the first signs of damage and premature aging. Using an under-eye gel containing revitalizing ingredients like Pomegranate, Almond Oil, Green Tea, and others will reduce dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles and improve blood circulation.

Final Thoughts

Everyone requires a consistent night care routine because environmental stressors do not affect us while we sleep. Thus, the effort is worthwhile because our skin absorbs nutrients better at night than during the day. Thaicare’s incredible products for your nighttime skincare routine assist you in keeping your skin younger.

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